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About Us

Welcome to SK Studio and Training Centre, where ability knows no bounds. Our programs are crafted to provide marketable skills that open doors to new opportunities. We believe in the transformative power of education and hands-on training, enabling our students to actively participate in the workforce and build a sustainable income for their daily needs. More than just a training center, we are a community that understands the unique challenges individuals with disabilities face. Our supportive environment ensures that every person feels valued, heard, and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Why SK Studio and Training Centre?

At SK Studio, we believe in uplifting persons with disability through access to marketable skills.


We envision a world where every individual, regardless of ability, has the opportunity to thrive and contribute.


Our mission is to empower individuals with disabilities through accessible digital skills training, providing a transformative experience.

Our Courses

Join our transformative courses, where you not only acquire valuable skills but also gain the confidence to navigate and succeed in the competitive fields.

Digital Marketing

Content Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Market Analysis


Social Media


Paid Advertising

What You Will Learn

Dive into courses that foster practical abilities and instill the self-assurance needed to thrive in dynamic, challenging fields.

  • Facebook Ads Campaign Creation
  • Facebook Creative & Strategy
  • Facebook Pixel and Events
  • Other Social Ads
  • Keyword Research and Theming
  • Paid Search Campaign
  • Budget Planning
  • Google Ads Audiences
  • Product Marketing 101
  • Effective Value Communication
  • Budget Allocation and Reallocation
  • Optimizing Channels, Metrics, and Budget
  • Learn Google Analytics Reporting
  • How to work with UTM Tags
  • Building a Google Data Studio Report
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Digital PR & Data-Driven
  • Content Ideation & Production
  • Content Distribution & Evaluation
  • Other Social Production
  • Online Marketing Funnel
  • CAC, CLTV and Customer
  • Budget Allocation and Reallocation
  • Optimizing Channels, Metrics, and Budget
  • Keyword and Competitor Research
  • SEO On-Page Content & Technical
  • SEO Off-Page
  • SEO Measurement
  • Lifecycle & Customer Journey
  • Automation Marketing for Retention
  • RFM Framework
  • CRM Metrics & Data

Our Team

Salman Khan


Abdullah Jan


SK Studio & Training Center

Fostering independence for individuals with disabilities through digital skills development.